We seek, jointly with other partners, to build and nurture a global network of Christian leaders and organizations engaged in public integrity and anticorruption work.

We share our knowledge and experience with other organizations by facilitating the implementation of projects in the field, and by supporting a growing network of Christians organizations also in the fight against corruption.

The Faith and Public Integrity Network

FPIN is a global community of Christians who work towards public integrity and against corruption.

In collaboration with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and Faith in Government, Fides supports the Faith and Public Integrity Network, a network of Christian leaders and groups who work directly to elevate the standards of public integrity in the church and society. The first gathering of FPIN took place in September 2016 in Oxford, UK, with participants representing 15 countries. The network is a key player in galvanizing the Christian prophetic voice around the intersection of the Christian faith, corruption, and the deep need for deepened values of public integrity.