Fides serves the Christian church in the global movement against corruption.

“Fides” in Latin refers to faith, trust and integrity (as in bona fides). Faith and integrity are central to our purpose and mission. Fides exists to mobilize, facilitate and support the engagement of the church in promoting a culture of public integrity. By working with church leaders and communities, we seek to complement other reforms and contributions, faith-led or otherwise, to reduce corruption.

Fighting corruption demands culture change, not just institutional change. With supportive values of public integrity, societies will be able to sustainably reduce corruption. We believe that the church has a great potential to be a catalyst for this culture change. Especially in Christian-majority societies, Christian leaders and communities can shift entire countries’ ethical foundations to include a higher value for public integrity, trust, and action for the common good. This, however, will need to start with changes within the church itself.

1 We want the Church to be aware and educated about the cost of corruption, the cultural and biblical perspectives of corruption, and how the church can address corruption. In response, we carry out customized awareness and training programs that motivate changed attitudes towards corruption.

2 We want the Church to be deeply engaged in modeling and promoting public integrity to reduce corruption in their communities. In response, we develop practical tools that mobilize people and organizations to build a culture of integrity. We conduct field research about faith and corruption to make these tools relevant to each context.

3 We want coordinated efforts that magnify, accelerate and sustain the church’s redemptive impact toward the permanent reduction of corruption. In response, we host a learning community of Christian leaders and groups engaged in anti-corruption work.