Deliver Us from Evil, by Roberto Laver

Despite billions of dollars working inthe anti-corruption industry, corruption remains as elusive and intractable asever – until now.

Deliver Us from Evil is a fresh perspective on how corruption can be reduced by addressing the ethical and cultural roots that underlie it. While laying out a comprehensive explanation of the cultural causes and society-wide effects of corruption,Deliver Us from Evil explains why corruption has not been reduced through traditional institutional reform and explores the role of the Christian church as a fundamental agent of cultural change in Latin America.

The text weaves together a large-scale global perspective with a nuanced explanation of the details of corruption’s causes and impact. It categorizes the many forms of corruption, introduces key players, outlines the history of institutional reform with reasons for its limited success, and presents compelling academic and Biblical evidence for the Christian church to step in as a new key player.

Deliver Us from Evil sends the powerful message that the next step to solving the complex issue of corruption is a profoundly contextualized,multi-dimensional solution that goes beyond the boundaries of institutions and instead,changes the heart of society.

Roberto Laver is an international lawyer who brings his thirty years of experience in law and development, non-profit leadership, and academia to bear in this much-needed presentation of the cultural roots and solution to corruption.

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Deliver Us from Evil is a mini book version of the extended, Spanish-language book Libranos del Mal.