What is Corruption?

There are many definitions of corruption, but the most common definition is: The abuse of entrusted authority for private gain. Corruption crosses all sectors - public, private, and social. Corruption comes in many forms such as bribery and embezzlement, but also includes other practices that do not involve money, like unfair favoritism and nepotism. Each form…

Corruption and Faith Country Profiles

The Faith and Public Integrity Network produces Corruption and Faith Country Profiles. These profiles take a deep dive into a country's Christian and Corruption characteristics.

Conference: Salt and Light

Salt and Light: The Role of the Church in the Global Fight Against Corruption, conference hosted by Park Street Church. Check out these video highlights: Framing the Issue: Corruption and its ImpactBiblical Perspective on CorruptionCorruption in Society: Church Attitudes and ResponsesFighting Corruption: Towards a More Effective Church Engagement