The Other Pandemic: COVID and the Cost of Corruption

Corruption, as an expression of profound injustice, should matter to believers, in relation to our own behaviour and witness and to the social order in which we live. The COVID pandemic crisis is a wake-up call for the church, its leaders and all followers of Jesus, that fighting corruption is central to our integral mission. Corruption matters to God immensely. We need to pay attention to corruption now more than ever.

Corruption is a Serious Problem Worldwide

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Corruption affects us all. Resources are used for the wrong purposes and are unfairly divided. It weakens our democracy and trust in our leaders. It eats away at our ethics and corrodes our moral fibre. It discourages public and private investment. It slows down economic growth and development. The annual cost of corruption is estimated…

What is Corruption?

There are many definitions of corruption, but the most common definition is: The abuse of entrusted authority for private gain. Corruption crosses all sectors - public, private, and social. Corruption comes in many forms such as bribery and embezzlement, but also includes other practices that do not involve money, like unfair favoritism and nepotism. Each form…