The international community, governments, businesses and civil society have declared the fight against corruption to be of the highest priority. But even after spending billions of dollars in anti-corruption reforms, the reforms are not producing the desired results. These reforms focus on laws and institutions – overlooking the underlying social values and attitudes of a society.

Endemic corruption is deeply entrenched in most societies with codes of conduct that legitimize favoritism, nepotism and disregard for the rule of law – let’s change this.

A strong civil society is vital for tackling corruption. A strong civil society is one that upholds strong values and attitudes of public integrity. Church leaders and communities, as a vital part of civil society, have a special responsibility, and untapped potential, to cultivate an entrenched sense of public integrity as the most effective antidote to corruption.

Fides engages and equips church leaders and communities to tackle corruption and transform their communities.

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